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Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum for "a path to run in small steps"

Curriculum Mapping
What is a curriculum map?
  • Curriculum Mapping is a procedure for reviewing the operational curriculum as it is entered into an electronic database at any education setting. It is based largely on the work of Heidi Hayes Jacobs in Mapping the Big Picture: Integrating Curriculum and Assessment K-12 (ASCD, 1997) and Getting Results with Curriculum Mapping(2004, ASCD). Schools are using curriculum templates that display key components of the curriculum: content, skills, assessments, and essential questions. The curriculum mapping model as originally defined by Dr. Jacobs has seven specific steps that schools use to thoroughly examine and then revise their curriculum. There are both commercial companies and not-for-profit group that have generated curriculum mapping software used around the world. Related to mapping, but separate from it, is the concept of a curriculum audit, described by Fenwick W. English. in "Deciding What to Teach and Test: Developing, Auditing, and Aligning the Curriculum" (1999, Sage). (Wikipedia, 2012)
  • Curriculum Mapping is an ongoing, calendar-based process involving teacher-designed operational and
    planned-learning curriculum, collaborative inquiry, and data-driven decision making. (Janet Hale, 2012)
Resources for learning more about curriculum maps